Purpose of Scholarship: The purpose of this scholarship award is to supplement a Native American student’s income in order to pay for his/her educational expenses. The RSBCIHI’s Board of Directors is dedicated to assisting passionate and energetic Native American students who are furthering their education with hopes of giving back to their Native communities.  Ideally, these student-recipients could also be the future of the RSBCIHI’s organization, as the company employs those skilled in a variety of different fields, including health and medicine, behavioral health sciences, information technology, accounting, business management, lab technicians, and numerous other vocational fields.

Eligibility RequirementsAn applicant must be:

  1. An American Indian verified by the following: (1) person is on federal or state recognized tribal roll and identified by a tribal enrollment card, or (2) person who is a member of one of our consortium tribes, or has official letter from a federal or state recognized tribe or agency stating tribal membership or Indian blood and residing in our service areas of Riverside-San Bernardino County.
  2. A resident of California attending an accredited institution of higher learning within the United States, or any tribal member attending an institution of higher learning within California.
  3. Recognized as a full-time degree candidate at an accredited institution of higher learning (4 year university, graduate school, junior college, or trade/vocational school).

Application Procedure: The following application must be completed in its entirety.  Any incomplete applications will be automatically disqualified.

Attention: RSBCIHI Scholarship Committee, 11980 Mount Vernon Avenue, Grand Terrace, CA 92313

Application Contents:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Documentation of American Indian ethnicity as described above.
  3. Evidence of admission to an accredited college. (4 year university, graduate school, junior      college, or trade/ vocational school)
  4. A copy of your latest official transcripts (High school transcripts if the student has not attended college yet)
  5. Two letters of recommendation from any of the following: tribal government council member or current school representative (example: teacher, counselor, principal)
  6. An educational commitment essay describing your chosen field of study, educational goals, career goals, involvement in the Indian community and how this scholarship will help you in furthering your education.
  7. If a student applies and they are awarded a scholarship, the student cannot reapply again.
  8. If a student applies and does not receive an award, the student can reapply again.

Application Submitting Period: The application submitting period is January 1st-31st of each funding year.

Submittals: Applications must be sent to the San Manuel Clinic, 11980 Mount Vernon Avenue, Grand Terrace, CA 9213, attention Personnel/ Grievance Committee, Chairperson. Please include this form and all other materials required for this scholarship in a single envelope/package.  Incomplete applications or missing materials will be grounds for automatic disqualification.

Download the RSBCIHI Scholarship Application